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Technical Difficulties

It seems there is a problem with the trailer on the website. We’ll get it sorted out as soon as we can. In the meantime, you can see the trailer at the film’s Facebook page here.

Upcoming Screening in Bozeman, Montana

I’m happy to announce that Mi Chacra will screen at the Emerson Center for the Arts and Culture, July 29th at 7:00pm in my hometown of Bozeman, Montana. Tickets will cost $10, and will be available at the door and in advance at Cactus Records in downtown Bozeman. I will, of course, be attending the […]

Return to Peru

Leaving Sao Paulo behind, I arrived in Peru to prepare for two screenings in Cusco and one in Lima. The Instituto Nacional de Cultura had helped to coordinate a screening at the Museo de la Nacion in Lima and at the Museo Casa Garcilaso in Cusco. Artemio Paucar, from the Municipalidad de Cusco, helped to […]

It´s All True Recap

After a whirlwind two weeks, the Mi Chacra screenings in South America are over, and I’m back in the states.

The screenings in Sao Paulo went very well. The audiences at the two screenings I attended seemed very much engaged by the film, and the discussions afterward were excellent. Some of the kindest words I´ve […]

Welcome to the Mi Chacra blog.

Hello, welcome to the Mi Chacra blog. My name is Jason Burlage, the producer and director of the film. This blog is beginning roughly two and a half years after production began on the film. I’m currently travelling to South America to attend the film’s international premiere at the It’s All True International Documentary Film […]